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My name is Simon Wadham and I am the Welfare Officer for Lambourn Sports Junior FC.

As Club Welfare Officer my two key responsibilities are:

1 To be clear about the club's responsibilities when running activates for children and young people.


2 To help club personnel understand what their “duty of care” towards children and young people actually means and entails on a day-to-day basis.


Keeping children and young people safe and enjoying football is everyone’s responsibility however my role is to make sure people understand what this means and how we go about it


If you are unhappy with the way someone is behaving towards you, such as a coach, referee, parents or other players then we have to do something to get it stopped.


If you are happy to talk to someone such as your parents then great but sometime this can be difficult. As the Welfare Officer I have a responsibility to try and make sure things are not happening but I can only do this if I am aware of the problem.

You can contact me the following ways –




mobile: 07803955880


The following websites may offer help & advice:


Bullying Online



Childline or telephone 08001111






 Remember football should be fun for all





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